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Karadi Path Adopts An Innovative Approach To Teach A Language By Deconstructing The Way We Naturally Memorise From Our Environment In 2000, a slum in Mumbai’s Dharavi found an unlikely friend from down south -a storyteller bear who takes children on an exciting and magical journey with audiobooks and picture books. The teacher at the […]

Image credit: Google Doodle In his famous 1936 address at Indian Progressive Writers’ Association, Premchand explicitly spoke about the role of literature in the society. He said that literature can be defined as a criticism of life; and it is the need of the hour to insert literature as a social unit with man and […]

As the country celebrates his 136th birth anniversary on July 31, we take a close look at how Premchand entered the south Indian psyche. Munshi Premchand (1880 -1936) needs no introduction to the world of arts and book lovers. The literary genius called the "Shakespeare of India" had once influenced a large part of Indian […]

The central government’s attempt at Sanskitisation is nothing but a move towards the medieval status quo and the subjugation of non-Hindi speakers. In the Valmiki Ramayana , when Hanuman meets Sita in Lanka, he is confused about which language he should speak to her in. First he thinks of talking in Sanskrit, later he decides […]

Indian Art & Culture

Track Names: 0:09 Sun Le Naag Raja (Bhai Ho To Aisa) 6:07 Sapera Bin Bajayega (Aurat Teri Yehi Kahani) 10:49 Hum To Aaye Hai Tere Dwar (Naag Champa) 16:18 O Naag Raja (Raksha Bandhan) 16:18 Ruk Jaao Naag Devta (Balak Dhruv) 20:21 Naag Champa (Naag Champa) 29:13 Bin Baja Bin Baja (Naag Champa) Nag Panchami […]

This is a very unfortunate period in which several masters of culture in India are leaving us. It started with KN Panicker the theatre director, the great art teacher and artist KG Suybramanyan, the major painter Syed Haider Raza and now major writer Mahasweta Devi. Mahasweta Devi had very creative family linkages, she was related […]

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